About Us
General Sport Authority have multiple goals in 2016
Increasing the number of sports and physical activities
Finding creative sports programes in an attempt to involve more people from the whole society and to develop youth capabilities
Increasing the number of sports trainers and volunteers
Enhancing the participation and contribution of Saudi women in Sports
Achieving world class competitive sport
Empowering and managing local sport authorities and raising their professionalism
Improving the role of the sport media in spreading the sports culture,principles,and values.
Achieving higher participation and representation in International sport
Enhancing the efficiency & quality of sport facilities & stadiums
Improving sport facilities management and maintaining better environments
Applying appropriate investment in sports and youth facilities
Maintaining financial sustainability in the sector and increasing its contribution in improving the national economy
Creating opportunities and attractive environment for sport investment
Focusing on clubs and raising their competitiveness
Developing the organizational approach and adopting a culture of excellence, accountability, and transparency
Improving the efficiency and productivity of the staff
Maintaining better programs and services
Adopting the culture of transparency and accountability
Strengthening the collaboration between the 3 sectors (Government, Private, non-profit) to support sports programs and projects