President Message
سرني الترحيب بكم في بوابة الهيئة العامة للرياضة, التي نسعى من خلالها إلى تعزيز مبادئ وقيم الرياضة لشبابنا ورياضيينا, وزيادة مستوى الأداء بما يسهم في تحسين وتطوير البيئة الرياضية في المملكة العربية السعودية.
I am pleased to welcome you to the General Sport Authority portal by which we seek to promote the principles and values of sport for our youth and our athletes...
I am pleased to welcome you to the General Sport Authority Internet Portal through which we are seeking to reinforce the sports values and principles amoung our athletes and youth and to increase the performance level in a way that contributes to the improvement and development of the sports environment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This portal represents the General Sport Authority and it includes all the sports and youth information, news, activities, programs and practices inside the Kingdom. It also includes the latest systems, regulations and amendments related to sports and approbated by the Olympic, international and continental sports organizations and authorities.

We are looking forward to provide all the e-services to all members of the sports community whether they were athletes or spectators of the sports activities.

Finally, this initiative came as a part of the Authority’s strategic plans and initiatives aiming at contributing to facilitating and simplifying the access to sports knowledge which we are trying to spread.