​​​​​​​​ The organizational Chart of the Institute
Our Values
Creativity & Innovation
Our Goals
Provide a great experience for the trainee
Provide equal opportunities for all groups
Providing specialized and advanced training on a global level
Increase the number of qualified and licensed trainers in all sports
Optimal use of financial and human resources
​​​​ Our Services


Contribute directly to Vision 2030 by providing licensed trainers
Testing and Licensing Center
Organization of professional qualifications for workers in the sports sector
Raising the efficiency of workers in the sports sector
Contribute to the development of legal, media and administrative leadership in sports

Research and studies

Conduct surveys
Supporting scientific research in the field of sports development
Support for authoring and translation in the sports field
Establishing a comprehensive database for the development of sports training in Saudi Arabia

Support and development

Providing logistical support to sports associations in the field of training development
Developing training programs for companies and institutions accredited by the Institute
Provision of accreditation and permits to qualified individuals to provide sports training services
Achievements of the Institute until 2017
​​​​Achievements of the Institute in 2017