Leaders Development

​​​1.​​Development of the Institute's programs for the training of trainers, members of the technical committee and referees:

  • Developing the training methods of the programs provided by the institute in partnership with the sports federations.
  • Cooperating with King Abdullah Institute for Research and Consulting Studies belonging to King Saud University for the development of 24 training programs in the different fields (administration, sports…)
  • A joint committee has been formed between the institute and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee in order to discuss the development methods of the training programs proposed by the sports federations.


2. Transforming the paper library of the institute into an electronic library

        The total number of books specialized in the fields of sports and fitness available at the institute is estimated at around 5000 books.

  • Linking the library with the international, regional and Arab libraries specialized in the fields of sports and fitness in order to expand the information resources of its beneficiaries.
  • Subscribing in the magazines specialized in the fields of sports and fitness for being acquainted with the scientific researches and developmental studies made in the fields of sports and fitness.


3. Scientific Researches related to Sports and Youth

        The institute contributed in supporting and spreading a large number of scientific researches in partnership with a number of universities located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you can find below a list of the most prominent published studies:

  • Violence in Saudi Stadiums in 1999
  • The development of the General Sport authority in the occasion of its centenary in 1999
  • Evaluation study held in 2002 for defining the difficulties of the sports clubs in order to develop the sports field in the Eastern Province in partnership with King Faisal University in Al Ahsa.
  • Psychological preparation and heading to the sports specialists from the Saudi Athlete's point of view in 2004 in partnership with King Saud University.


4. Printing the scientific publications related to sports and fitness

  • Sports Injuries in 1988
  • Sports Organization and Management in 1993
  • Biometric training (increasing the muscles' capacity through achieving the maximum power in the least time possible) for developing the muscles' capacity in sports activities in 2014. (under printing process)


5. Holding discussions and scientific forums about the difficulties faced in the sports and youth fields

  • National Referee's Strategy forum in 2005
  • Sports Professionalism Culture Forum in 2007
  • Youth Media Forum in 2007
  • Sports Marketing Forum in 2012


6. The Expansion in holding training programs inside the Kingdom

Due to the large number of trainees who wish to participate in the training programs held by the institute, it adopted a strategy for holding a large number of training programs in the different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while taking in consideration the geographic and demographic balance.


7. The program of hosting the training camps of sports clubs, federations and national teams

The institute receives all sports clubs, federations and national teams in order to hold their training camps on the different facilities of the institute including the pool, the fields of tennis and football and the sports areas of volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, tennis and self-defense games. The total number of beneficiaries of the activities held on the institute's facilities was estimated at 37167 beneficiaries.


8. Increase of the number of training programs approbated inside and outside the Kingdom

The institute started with five programs approbated inside and outside the Kingdom as follows:

  • Three programs for sports organization and administration approbated by the Ministry of Civil Service.
  • Two programs of international studies for coaches approbated by the British Authority of Training.

There is solid cooperation between the training and leaders' development committee in the Gulf Cooperation Council and the institute for executing a number of training courses to the sons of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries as the Steroids and Supplements training course has been executed for the committee in Riyadh in 2015.

There is a solid cooperation between the Arab Federation for Leaders' Development and the institute for exchanging expertize and holding joint training courses.


9. Future Vision

  • Developing the general performance and the technical rules and regulations.
  • Developing the current training programs
  • Designing and issuing new training programs
  • Arbitration of the training programs
  • Execution of training programs in all provinces and regions
  • Cooperation and partnership with international organizations.
  • Training of the largest number of athletes
  • Holding studies, researches and forums specialized in the field of sports and youth affaires.
  • Providing specialized books and scientific publications and operating the electronic library.
  • Enhancing investment and development efforts in human resources
  • Auto-operating the institute.